About Pop Fiction

Pop Fiction was born out of Summit Books’ mission to bring literary hopefuls to a wider, book-reading audience. It all began when She’s Dating the Gangster, an online story posted in Candymag.com’s TeenTalk forum was picked up, edited, and published by Summit Books in March of 2013. A month after its release, She’s Dating the Gangster shot to the top of National Book Store’s Philippine bestseller chart and was later adapted into a major motion picture—proving that little-known works can become mainstream sensations. To date, Pop Fiction holds a roster of over 200+ titles that have proven to be nationwide bestsellers, blockbuster movie adaptations and certified fan favorites.



Teen Fiction celebrates youth and the many firsts that teenagers have to face as they come of age. Whether they are stories about first love, first heartbreak, or first day of school, these are light and wholesome reads that will resonate with readers who are young—and young at heart.


New Adult explores the trappings between love, lust, and its many iterations in stories about young adults and their adventures—and misadventures—in the real world. Life in the adult world may be tough, but these stories will dull the edges to make life a little bit sweeter, a little bit more idyllic, if only while you read.


Cloak is Pop Fiction's brand of speculative fiction, where you can escape into a fantastical world of magic, monsters, and supernatural beings or find dark secrets, suspense, and evil motives lurking within the walls of a seemingly normal life. Here, the adventure starts when you turn the page.


Pop Fiction Originals not only explores new worlds, first loves, and adult life, it also explores the possibilities that Pop Fiction authors can offer as they share and collaborate.

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