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Shim Simplina, also known as Tsubame, works as a full- time public health nurse. She has no degree whatsoever in Literature, but she has been writing stories since the age of 10 powered only by wild imagination, anime marathons, sleepless nights, panda eyes, long hours of sitting in buses and lots of coffee.
She is the author of Reapers – Thirteen Brothers, Reapers – The First Familiar, As Told by Nerdy, How to Date a Nerd and co-author of Ceyla Chronicles – Helios Murders and Three Wishes published under PopFiction. She also authored other ongoing young adult novels in Wattpad.
She is an otaku, loves dogs and the color violet. Whenever she is not working or writing, she plays with her furbaby, watches anime, American TV series, and Korean dramas. She likes to listen to alternative and punk rock music and has recently discovered her love (obsession) for the Korean rock band called Day6, which led to her being a self-proclaimed MyDay.
Someday soon, she hopes to travel and discover the world.


Published stories of tsubame
Author of:
Reapers 3

After barely escaping from captivity to find a cure for her illness, she, Vincent, and rest of the other Reapers team up to defeat the ancient dark creature Legion, whose sole mission is to destroy the earth. But in the midst of the ongoing chaos, the brothers unearth a dark prophecy that may lead to the apocalypse. What's worse for Aramis is that it involves the man whom she realizes she still has feelings for: Vincent.

While suffering from an illness that may cost her her life, Aramis must do everything to end the madness once and for all. Now she must choose: Save the world, or save the man she loves.

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Tales from the Ceyla Chronicles

Magical wishes may be the stuff of romantic fairy tales, but Ceyla Ward knows better than to use the wishes given to her by a Fae monarch. Magic will always come with a hefty price tag.

So she’s giving three of them away.

A campus princess in a death-like coma, a doctor beholden to a beastly Italian heir, and a marine archeologist in search of Atlantis—these are the stories of three regular women whose greatest wishes have been granted and the price they have to pay for the magic they have unknowingly wielded.

Reader, be warned: These aren’t your usual Faery tales. But you’ll find love stories in here nonetheless.

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Reaoers 2

Return to the thrilling and terrifying world of Reapers, and find Aramis fighting for her life and love as she tries to rescue her master, the Reaper Vincent, as his first familiar. But when she does, she finds him severely injured and confused. Unable to protect him from his father, Death, Aramis is forced to take Vincent to a place where Death can’t find them: Safe Heaven, inhabited by ancient immortals led by Satan. With a wraith slowly consuming her body from the inside and Death’s perpetual hunt for her soul, it’s not just about surviving anymore. This time, the first familiar must surrender herself to one of the two evils to win against the other.

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As Told By Nerdy 2

Leon Walden lives a double life as a teen superstar and as a regular student at Hopkinton High. But while he has managed to survive high school, his life on the spotlight is taking a toll in his relationship with Sarah. Worse, it puts her life in danger along with him. After one fateful night, his role and Sarah's are reversed—he has to pretend to be a nerd to win her heart again. How long can Leon keep his true identity from those around him? Or, will he risk losing his career to keep Sarah in his life?

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The Ceyla Chronicles 1

Just a few hours’ drive from Orlando and you will find yourself in Helios, a land of magic and lore, where a plethora of extraordinary races flourish, and where mystery is always afoot. And who better to guide you in this enchanting otherworld than our resident detective and supernatural expert, Ceyla Ward. Witness as she battles the elements, stands in the line of fire between warring clans, and stops ancients from spreading their evil blood magic across the realm. She’s a green-eyed, bedaggered blonde who moonlights as a paranormal soldier-seer, but at the end of the day, we realize that the real enigma is the one of herself. Through the smoking barrels of her double derringer, watch as she fights her way to uncover the greatest mystery of them all – her own past.

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Sarah “Nerdy” Littman is your typical high school nerd—geeky glasses, straight A’s, the works. Her only social life consists solely of hanging out at the cafeteria with her best friend Becky Tyrone, as she tries to avoid being bullied by her arch nemesis Matt Adams. When superstar Leon Walden transfers to their school pretending to be just another regular student, Sarah’s life completely turned upsidedown, much to her chagrin. Things get even more complicated when Leon moves in next door and deliberately befriends her. And when Sarah finds herself falling for the teen star, she learns that there is no mathematical equation or scientific formula that can help her sort out her feelings.

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When Aramis Rayne and her father move to Ashland, Pennsylvania, she assumes that it's just like any other move to another house and another school. It's just an ordinary town after all—except for the fact that it's located near Centralia, a ghost town filled with bottomless pits that appear from nowhere. Determined to survive being the new girl in school, Aramis develops a strategy for her not to get hurt: don’t get too close to anybody. But once she meets Vincent, an arrogant young boy with piercing silver eyes, everything changes. When he seemingly rescues her from a mysterious drowning incident, she is suddenly thrust into the thrilling and terrifying world of the Reapers. Now she is caught between Vincent and his father, Death himself, as they engage in a tug-of-war battle for her soul. Will she survive the experience? Or will Death claim her for his own?

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