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-Shim Simplina, also known as Tsubame, works as a full- time public health nurse. She has no degree whatsoever in Literature, but she has been writing stories since the age of 10 powered only by wild imagination, anime marathons, sleepless nights, panda eyes, long hours of sitting in buses and lots of coffee.
She is the author of Reapers – Thirteen Brothers, Reapers – The First Familiar, As Told by Nerdy, How to Date a Nerd and co-author of Ceyla Chronicles – Helios Murders and Three Wishes published under PopFiction. She also authored other ongoing young adult novels in Wattpad.
She is an otaku, loves dogs and the color violet. Whenever she is not working or writing, she plays with her furbaby, watches anime, American TV series, and Korean dramas. She likes to listen to alternative and punk rock music and has recently discovered her love (obsession) for the Korean rock band called Day6, which led to her being a self-proclaimed MyDay.
Someday soon, she hopes to travel and discover the world.


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