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-An adventurous traveler, a sporty athlete, a talented painter, a musician... in a parallel universe.


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One way or another, it will always be Chance and Luna even if fate tries to tear them apart.

Hindi man nila alam sa kasalukuyan, but all it takes is a smile for their hearts to know the meaning of true love. In three lifetimes, Chance and Luna will live through forbidden love amidst fandoms and online conversations, secret admirations revealed through captivating prose and science experiments, and friendships that blossom from a spontaneous exchange of emails and book drafts.

See how fate tests love over and over in different lifetimes. Dahil kahit ano man ang mangyari, Chance and Luna will always find each other. All they have to do is smile.

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A Hundred Day With You 3

Gerald Braxton and Chandria Borja have a hundred reasons not to be friends—let alone be more than friends. Umpisa pa lang, ayaw na talaga ni Gerald sa babaeng tinatawag niyang “spoiled brat.” Add to that how Chandria ruined all the chances Gerald had to be with the girl he actually likes. But despite it all, Chandria does all she can to make it up to him Lingid sa kaalaman ng dalawa, may lihim na tinatago ang mga magulang nila tungkol sa kanilang pagkatao na ikasisira ng unti-unting pagkakamabutihan nila. They have a hundred reasons not to promise each other forever, and yet all it would take to change their minds is just one night.

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The promise of forever seemed fitting and hopeful for Dane and Kate. After all the problems that threatened to break them apart, the two were still able to find each other—even on the other side of the world. Six years later, the newly-engaged couple returned to the Philippines, where they were immediately welcomed by their friends, the Treble Five, plus a few other surprising revelations that might hinder their happily ever after. Isa na do’n si Rico, ang lalaking sa una pa lang nila nakilala ay nagpakita na agad ng interes kay Kate. Sasamahan pa ito nang pagbabalik ng biological mother ni Kate na ang nais lamang ay makuha ang kanyang loob. Kakayanin ba ni Kate ang mga biglaang pagbabago sa buhay niya? And with these changes, will Dane be able continue loving Kate...for better or for worse?

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When Dane Perez—the hottest and probably the haughtiest member of the popular school band, Treble Five—gets rebuffed by the girl of his dreams, Barbs Flores, he finds himself in a slump. Dane’s Treble Five barkada comes up with an ingenious plan to not only get Dane’s groove back, but Barbs as well. Ang plano? Kailangan pumili si Dane ng isang ‘unlucky girl,’ make her fall in love with him, and then break her heart… all within 100 days. Naniniwala ang barkada niya na once makita ni Barbs si Dane with another girl, she will totally want him back. Ang napiling ‘unlucky girl’? Si Kate Borja. Simple, innocent, and romantic, Kate gets to spend time with the school’s most popular guy. What she doesn’t know is that she’s in for the biggest surprise (or heartbreak?) of her life! Things take an unexpected turn nang magsimula ng ma-develop ang feelings ni Dane para kay Kate. Coincidentally, ang best friend niyang si Luis ay in love din kay Kate. Will love destroy their very solid barkada? Or will Dane and Luis willingly put their love for the same girl on hold just to save Treble Five?

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