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Yam-Yam28 is an introverted 24-year old girl who loves writing, anime, music, and poetry. She’s currently living in Canada with her mom, dad, younger brother and younger sister.
She has written a number of stories already (with two of them published as a book already) but she still can’t consider herself a writer. For her, she’s at a level where she doesn’t deserve that ‘title’ yet. She knows she still needs to improve in a lot of areas, and thus, everyday she struggles to do so.
As a child, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. Her current adult self though, is dreaming of becoming a screenwriter. She now wants to write her very own movie someday.


Published stories of Yam-Yam28
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One way or another, it will always be Chance and Luna even if fate tries to tear them apart.

Hindi man nila alam sa kasalukuyan, but all it takes is a smile for their hearts to know the meaning of true love. In three lifetimes, Chance and Luna will live through forbidden love amidst fandoms and online conversations, secret admirations revealed through captivating prose and science experiments, and friendships that blossom from a spontaneous exchange of emails and book drafts.

See how fate tests love over and over in different lifetimes. Dahil kahit ano man ang mangyari, Chance and Luna will always find each other. All they have to do is smile.

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Girlfriend For Hire 2

Bryle and Nami take their pretend-relationship to a new level by becoming an official couple. They've been happily together for two years. Pero kasabay ng pagbabago sa estado ng kanilang relasyon ay ang pagdating ng mga panibagong hamon na susubok sa tibay ng kanilang pagsasama at tiwala sa isa’t isa. Kabilang na dito ang pagbabalik ng mga taong may kaugnayan sa kani-kanilang nakaraan.

Can their love stand against the changes in their present lives and issues in the past? Or will it prove to be shortlived?

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Si Nami Shanaia San Jose na yata ang pinakamaswerteng babae sa buong school. Siya kasi ang girlfriend ni Bryle Caleb Stanford, ang dream guy ng student body—pero ’yan lang naman ang pinapaniwala nila sa lahat. Kapag wala nang taong nakatingin, walang katapusan ang bangayan nilang dalawa.
The only thing keeping them together is a contract that requires Nami to pretend to be Bryle’s girlfriend so he won’t be forced to marry for business.
Pero paano kung sa pagkukunwari ay mapaniwala nila ang puso nila na umibig sa isa’t isa? Mapaninindigan pa ba nilang dalawa ang kontrata nila, o mauuwi ba ang kanilang pagkukunwari sa totohanan?

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