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Katrina Serrano, or known as Trina to her readers, first started writing stories when she was in elementary.
Out of all the hobbies that she had tried over the years, writing was the one that stayed. She began to enjoy reading various novels during her high school years and it was during this time when she started her book collection.
During the summer before her junior year, she joined the ebook site called Wattpad wherein she put up her first book, Falling For the Opposite. She spends her spare time watching movies or discovering new tv series to binge watch.
She graduated BS Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas and is currently taking up Doctor of Medicine.


Published stories of yourstrulytrina
Author of:
Tales From The Ceyla Chronicles

"Rosewood needs a new high priestess.

After revealing the evil that lurked in their midst,it is only tradition that can put them back in good graces with the townspeople of Helios.

But the moon has other plans for them. On the evening of the Mabon Festival, three witches step up to the call. They will each have to face an impossible quest, one that will determine who will lead the coven once and for all.

There's just one problem. Underneath the brave facade lay hearts as black as the other side of the moon. These witches are wicked to the core, and should one of them succeed, Rosewood will never be the same."

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On screen, Sophia Heart Valentine is the toast of Tinseltown. She’s the entire package, after all. She can sing, act, dance—you name it. But off screen, she’s dealing with personal drama that feels awfully like a movie. Her dad is marrying a woman that she absolutely abhors. Her best guy friend is ignoring her feelings for him. And her agent is forcing her to star in a movie with Axel Brooks, Hollywood’s Prince and all around annoying guy on set. Who wants to be Hollywood’s Princess when you could be drama queen, right? But then again, Hollywood’s Princess does have a nicer ring

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She’s rich, he’s not. She’s the student body president, he’s struggling to pass math. She’s the queen bee, he’s the loner in school. Celeste Graham is on the top of the high school food chain—surrounded by great friends, known by everybody, and dubbed as one of the untouchables. Being popular isn’t exactly the greener side of the meadow as what people make it to be, but just one night of getting locked in school with Drew Everett, a “nobody,” made Celeste feel normal and genuinely happy. As they both bring out each other’s hidden side, disagreements ensue and conflicts arise—but aren’t those the things that come with falling for their polar opposite?

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