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CrestFallenMoon discovered her love for reading when she was in elementary through Archie Comics. In 2010, she signed up on an online platform called Wattpad as a reader. She mostly read English stories then until she found Filipinostories there, too.
After finishing her vocational course, boredom and unemployment urged her to re-open the door for writing in 2012 where she became known as CrestFallenMoon. Thus, Perfect Mistake was born.
She loves baking and eating cheese, choco mint, and anything with barbecue sauce. When she’s not reading Young Adult fiction or writing new stories, she’s probably singing out of tune, replaying How I Met Your Mother for the nth time, obsessing over Monsta X and EXO, stalking David Levithan, or browsing through her favorite book Every Day. again.
Now a graduate of BS Psychology, she still wants to put up a coffee shop with a bookstore as a business alongside cramming and writing. She mostly hangs out on Facebook when she’s happy or she’s looking at the list of her bills and credits whenever she’s having a writer’s block. In her parallel universe, she is a Development Psychologist by day and a mermaid by night.


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Sophia's first encounter with Dylan was far from perfect. Simpleng tanong nga lang niya sa lalaki ay sinungitan pa siya nito. Kaya hindi niya maintindihan how they ended up spending the night together after she got dumped by her ex.

Maybe it was the booze. Maybe it was the heartache. Maybe it was fate.

Now, with a baby on the way, Sophia and Dylan must start over. Even though they got off on the wrong foot, they may be more similar than they think. Maybe meeting each other wasn't a mistake after all. But with exes and enemies around every corner, it's hard not to second guess kung totoo nga ba ang nararamdaman nila para sa isa't isa.

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