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-Chelsea Von C. Golveque is a licensed Pharmacist who graduated from the pontifical and royal University of Santo Tomas.
She is currently a medical student who craves for sleep and some tasty iced coffee with pearls. She writes in her spare time or whenever an idea pops in her head. Science fiction and fantasy are the two genres she loves to read.
She loves to play with her dogs, and watch reruns of Game of Thrones. She is also a proud EXO-L and a Swiftie. Lastly, she considers herself not a queen but a Khaleesi.


Published stories of Chelsea_13
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Tales From The Ceyla Chronicles

"Rosewood needs a new high priestess.

After revealing the evil that lurked in their midst,it is only tradition that can put them back in good graces with the townspeople of Helios.

But the moon has other plans for them. On the evening of the Mabon Festival, three witches step up to the call. They will each have to face an impossible quest, one that will determine who will lead the coven once and for all.

There's just one problem. Underneath the brave facade lay hearts as black as the other side of the moon. These witches are wicked to the core, and should one of them succeed, Rosewood will never be the same."

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Matapos ang isang misteryosong aksidente, nagising na lamang si Savannah Destiny Fonacier na walang maalala tungkol sa kaniyang nakaraan. Pilit ipinapaalala sa kanya ang magarbong buhay na nakalimutan niya, ngunit hindi niya magawang pagkatiwalaan ang mga inilalahad sa kaniya. The only thing she is certain about is her attraction to Reed Jacob Fonacier, but the dangerous connection that she shares with him is forbidden.

Sa kagustuhang maibalik ang kaniyang mga alaala, the dark secrets of her past resurface. Not everything is what it seems to be, making Savannah question everything she wants to believe.

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Kendrick Adriano gets dumped by the only girl he loves for his best friend. Betrayed and heartbroken, he tries to drown his pain and shame by drinking at a club. Doon makikilala niya si Belle Silva, a bewitching woman who offers him help to become a better lover through the Bad Girls Company (BGC). Pumirma si Kendrick ng kontrata sa BGC ngunit lingid sa kanyang kaalaman ang masalimuot na mga hamon na kailangan niyang harapin. Will a good guy like him finally gain the love and happiness he has long wished for? Or, will he become more miserable making a deal with a bad girl like Belle?

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