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A dreamer and storyteller.
Freesia Lockheart is a medical technologist who loves to write. When she’s not working in the laboratory, she’s often found somewhere jotting down notes on random pieces of paper.
A bookworm by heart. A lover of words. She’s the author of Like Yesterday and Glass Sneakers, which are published under Pop Fiction. You can find her other works on Wattpad, where she’s always creating something new.
You can also email her at [email protected]
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Published stories of crossroad
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When she met a charming boy by the beach, Juliet thought of him almost constantly. But a blossoming love is out of reach. If she can’t love herself wholeheartedly.

Taming such a tempered catch is a feat. That those who are faint at heart can’t succeed. But when a boy made summer bittersweet Fiery Katarina had to concede.

Lost in her lover’s eyes and lullabies, Ophelia dreams to understand the pain. That summer her lover left her goodbyes And broken promises she can’t contain.

All the world’s a stage, and they defied norms When they took a chance on all of love's forms.

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Princess is the last word that George McAlden would attach to her own name. She doesn’t have the poise, the finesse, and even the girly name required for the job. In fact, one look at her only pair of shoes—old boyish sneakers—gives her true pedigree away. Try styling those shoes with a tiara! And yet she finds herself thrown into the glittering and messy world of the Kingdom of Triavia’s court life when she takes on the job of princess-in-training who will be betrothed to Prince Arthur Luke D. Chateaubriand, the royal family’s youngest and most infamous son. All George ever wanted was a steady job to earn enough to live by. Maybe “princess” is the job she’s been looking for all along. Well, you know what they say. If the glass sneakers fit…

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Have you ever met that one guy who made your heart skip a beat—and then ruined your life? For Reese, the day he left was the happiest day of her life. No more humiliation. No more embarrassing moments. No more Jace Hamilton. But what if he comes back? What if the past starts catching up to her? And what if… there's more to the story than what she knows? Can yesterday be rewritten? Jace and Reese sing one familiar tune—from love to hate and hate to love. Listen to the music as they press the play button once more and let the song of their lives unfold.

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