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Nicole Velasco is the writer behind the best-selling book, The Break Planner, which she wrote when she was only in highschool under the pseudonym erinedipity.
She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major inEnglish. She’s a Greek mythology enthusiast, and she draws inspiration mostly from fantasy novels (usually by Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling, GRRM, etc.), shows, and movies.
She also likes superheroes, specifically the “friendly neighborhood Spider-man.” Her favorite movie director is Christopher Nolan whose sophisticated storytelling skills she admires so much.
She also writes poems about different issues surrounding our society. She’s looking forward to creating more fantasy stories. She also wishes to become a screenwriter someday.


Published stories of erinedipity
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Dani wants more than anything to be accepted by the gids of Olympus, over which her father, Zeus, holds dominion. Kaya naman nang magkaro'n siya ng chance na maging immortal, kinuha niya 'yon, not knowing that she'll have to betray a friend to get it. Stacy is happy being left alone on dry land, away from her medding father, Poseidon, god of the oceans. Pero nang magbadya ng coup d'etat ang mga minor gods laban sa tatay niya at sa ibang major gods, she reluctantly teams up with the other demigods to prevent a war on Olympus. Yda, anak ng god of the underworld, can barely stand her boyfriend Cato's thirst for battle. She should've known better than to date a son of the war god Ares, but then again, Cato should've known not to break the heart of Hades' daughter in the first place. They look like us, They act like us. They live among us. But they are nothing like us at all. They are the daughters of the three most powerful gods of Olympus. They are demigoddesses.

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Beware the Break Up Planner! Nahuhulaan ni Athena Ericka Artemis ang buwan, araw, at pati na rin ang oras kung kailan maghihiwalay ang lahat ng nakikita niyang couple. “As in palaging tama ang hula niya!” “That’s why every couple in this campus avoids her!” “Kung siya kaya ang magkaroon ng boyfriend, mahuhulaan kaya niya kung kailan sila magbe-break?” Ang hindi niya mahulaan ay ang hangganan ng sarili niyang relationships. Still hurting from a previous betrayal by the love of her life, Psyche Epiales, she meets Colosseus Zico Zarte, the son of her future stepdad. At first, Zico is hell bent on getting rid of her and her mother from his life. But slowly, they realize the affection they have for each other and spark a romance na pinagbabawal ng mga tao sa paligid nila. Will Ericka predict a happy ending with Zico or will the old issues of her family and her previous relationships continue to haunt her and lead to a very painful break up that even she cannot predict?

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