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Ell Roi, or fakedreality online, is a self-proclaimed media maven and a true Virgo whose imagination and overthinking mind created the dark mystery series, Class Picture. He has a knack for turning his dark experiences into stories, and he learned to write from reading all forms of Literature. Among his favorite authors are Ransom Riggs and Madeleine Roux.
Ell believes that there is a metaphysical aspect in our universe. A Marketing degree graduate, Ell tries to balance his writing with his regular day job.


Published stories of FakedReality
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Marianne Agatha has been unsure of a lot of things in her life. ’Di siya sigurado kung ano talaga ang gusto niya, kung anong direksyon ng buhay niya, at kung sino ang mahal niya. The three stories within these pages, penned by KenDaniel, FakedReality, SiMarcoJoseAko, and Seaj0725, are about the three boys who once said with certainty that they loved her. Percy is the first boy who confessed his love. Andrei is the boy who left before he could pursue their love. And Sedrik is the boy who gave her everything to prove his love. Ngayong sigurado na siya sa kung anong gusto niya sa buhay, she jumps into the uncertainty of going after the man she loves, hoping he would say he still loves her.

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Class Picture 2

St. Venille Academy opens its doors again to a new generation of students—sampung taon matapos ang malagim na trahedyang nagdulot sa pagsasara nito.

Its bloody history continues to linger in its hallways, and the same curse continues to haunt the sixth section. Dahil sa isang litrato, muling madidikta ang kapalaran ng bawat estudyante sa Class 4-6. Another year, another mystery for students to unravel. But in order to survive, everyone must learn how to play the killer’s deadly game.

No one is safe.

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St. Venille High welcomes its students to a new school year. At sa taong ito, binuksang muli ng paaralan ang ika-anim na seksyon ng fourth year high school na pinaniniwalaang sinumpa. Rumor has it that all the former students of this class died. Ngunit bukod sa misteryong bumabalot sa klaseng ito, binubuo rin ito sa kasalukuyan ng mga estudyanteng may samu't-saring personalidad at lihim na pilit itinatago. What secrets will the students uncover? Is anybody safe in this class? What will you do if you can only choose to kill, or get killed?

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