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Aly Almario is a graduate of Centro Escolar University with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She once planned to become a pastry chef, but her love for writing is just overwhelming that she ended up working as a Junior Creative Producer and a scriptwriter for a cable channel instead.
When it comes to writing, she loves trying different genres, but her most favorite ones are romance and fantasy.
She’s a working adult by day, and a professional fangirl, bookworm, and couch potato by night. She spends most of her free time fangirling over BTOB and Day6, watching films and TV series, and reading books.
Aside from writing, she also loves telling stories through photos. She enjoys traveling to different places and discovering different cultures.
She’s a coffee addict, a corgi lover, and a Potterhead. She dreams of having her own dog café someday.
She Who Stole Cupid’s Arrow is her second release under Pop Fiction, following the success of her first book, Operation: Break The Casanova's Heart in 2014.


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Jillian, a proofreader for a book publishing company, had one chance at making Luke, the guy she has been pining for since college, fall in love with her—and she blew it. All she had to do was shoot Cupid’s arrow straight to his heart. Instead, she shoots West, ang masungit at strikto niyang editor-in-chief, messing up the divine plan that Cupid had for him and four other people.

Now, Cupid wants her to fix her mess by setting up those five people the old-fashioned way. Little does she know na this little mix-up could be that one chance that Jillian needed all along to find true love.

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10 Things To Accomplish: Make him notice you. Differentiate yourself from other girls. Get an invite to a date. Make the said date memorable. Make him take you seriously. Ensure that he’s dating you exclusively. Snag an invite to meet his parents. Get a kiss – a sincere one. Be the best girlfriend he’s ever had. And finally, break his heart. In this mission, there is one and only one rule you must abide: Do not fall in love. If you break this rule, the mission will be considered a failure. Your punishment will be severe.

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