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Jade Margarette S. Pitogo is a twenty-two year old third year student at the Ateneo Law School. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Management from the De La Salle University. She is on hiatus from writing online stories because of her busy schedule in law school.


Published stories of Girlinlove
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"Matagal nang hinahangaan ni Fiella Michelli Hope Yazon si Enzo Miguel Gutierrez, ang boy-next-door at tahimik na miyembro ng Tres Gwapitos. At dahil senior year na nila sa high school, handa siyang gawin ang lahat upang mapalapit rito.

As fate will have it, she meets Enzo after an incident with the group. Napunta rin sa kamay niya ang planner nito, kung saan nakalista ang lahat ng mga task na kailangan niyang gawin.

With Enzo's planner, Hope finally has the chance to get to know the man of her dreams. But after doing every task, tuluyan nang magbabago ang buhay ni Hope. Even if she has a guide, she'll have to face the ups and downs of following the steps to his heart."

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Story One: Almost Lover Peter and Jake hit it off instantly online. They chat and text every day, and hang out regularly. Pero ano nga ba ang namamagitan sa kanila? Is their online spark enough to make them into real couple?

Story Two: Falling In. Falling Out. Hindi sinasadyang naamin ni Nancy ang matagal na niyang nararamdaman para sa best friend niyang si Louise. Will they be friends turned lovers? Or, will this mean the end of their friendship altogether?

Story Three: A Dare In Red Because of a dare, Marjorie leaves her number in the pocket of a random shirt at a mall. Pero hindi niya inaasahang may makakakuha nito at nagte-text sa kanya! Will she play it safe? Or, will she get to know the stranger better?

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Chanel Courtney Chua is back, and she’s better than ever! Realizing that she can never bring back what she has lost—namely Kean— she finally moves on and faces her future with a more positive outlook. After going through so much heartbreaks with the guys who look and act like her late fiancé, she finally decides to leave the past behind and start a new life. But fate’s not done playing with Chanel yet, as it drops another huge surprise at her feet. Is she ever going to get her much-desired happily-ever-after? Or is her life going to be just one tragic and heartbreaking tale?

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What happens to ‘it’ girl Chanel Courtney Chua after that fatal crash that ended her world—and the life of her beloved Kean? When she loses the love of her life, Chanel turns into ‘Elle’, the wild, crazy, party girl-slash-supermodel who is bent on destroying other couples’ happily ever afters. When her best friend (and Kpop idol) CK finally has had enough, he forces her to go on a trip that would hopefully help her heal and move on. But how can she move on when she meets Dylan, a guy who looks like Kean and acts exactly like him, and Yohann, a guy who looks exactly like Kean but acts entirely the opposite? How can she move on when everything and everyone remind her of the one guy she can’t let go?

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Chanel Courtney Chua has it all: she’s pretty, rich, and very much in love. But her happy world soon crumbles when her boyfriend cheats on her, her best friend turns against her, and her family falls close to bankruptcy. Throughout all these, only Kean, the cool and seemingly broody heartthrob, stays by her side. But how will they end up together if fate seems hell-bent on keeping them apart? Will saying those “three words, eight letters” be enough to get them through the crazy mess called life

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