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-Helenaelise is the pseudonym behind a girl who’s got no life outside medicine, but a whole world inside her head. A constant dreamer and is perpetually curious of metaphysical dimensions, unceasingly fascinated of unexplainable things that piques her interests. An alien whose head is constantly out of this world. Dreams of becoming a surgeon someday and is set to fulfil her ambitions. Despite the complexities of her career as a doctor, she aspires to find balance in her chaotic world, to find ZEN in her life.


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One way or another, it will always be Chance and Luna even if fate tries to tear them apart.

Hindi man nila alam sa kasalukuyan, but all it takes is a smile for their hearts to know the meaning of true love. In three lifetimes, Chance and Luna will live through forbidden love amidst fandoms and online conversations, secret admirations revealed through captivating prose and science experiments, and friendships that blossom from a spontaneous exchange of emails and book drafts.

See how fate tests love over and over in different lifetimes. Dahil kahit ano man ang mangyari, Chance and Luna will always find each other. All they have to do is smile.

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Wearing her favorite green wig and dressed as her favorite anime character, Ran Figueroa went to school in high spirits. But her mood quickly soured when she saw the student council’s dictatorial president, Rigid Razor Montez. The Campus King. The King of Jerks. “Good morning, Ms. Figueroa. I didn’t know you were culturing a group of green algae on your head,” Rigid teased, smirking. So early in the day and he was already enraging her! Ran’s life could’ve been perfect, but thanks to that cosplay-hating jerk, she was always getting in trouble. She hated him with a passion. But when she was accidentally set up with him, she realized how much she wanted him. But could she make the King of Jerks want her back?

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