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Shiela May Familaran is the author of Montello High: School of Gangsters—a finalist for the 2015 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards under the Young Adult category—and Snow White Is A Gangster.
She has also written for the anthology, The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Murders.
She is known as Sielalstreim in Wattpad and is currently working on her other ongoing stories: Saudade and Dark Fairytale. She enjoys traveling and is undeniably in love with the sunset. She considers herself a life-long reader and writer.


Published stories of Hraefn
Author of:
The Ceyla Chronicles 2

You are Ceyla Ward, trapped in a twisted version of Helios, and the only way out is to finish the Helios Trials made by an ancient force hell-bent on fulfilling a long overdue and mysterious prophecy.

Test your cunning and your wits as you try to outsmart Demon Lords who distrust half-Faes, convince murderous Mermaids to help you get to the shrine in the depths of Helios Lake, choose who you will sacrifice in a Faery ritual between the two most important people in your life, and evade a new and powerful enemy determined to keep you trapped in this world forever. Only YOU can get Ceyla through the trials by choosing the paths that she will take. In this adventure, Ceyla's destiny is in your hands.

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Vincent Arkray Vezallius is the fearsome Bloody-eyed Demon in the dark world of the Mafia. Yet even with her influence in that world, she turns away from her violent life to live a new and peaceful life with the man she loves, Rogue. Pero kahit anong limot niya ng kanyang dating buhay, her enemies still threaten to destroy the new life she built. Her enemies have been warned never to wake the Bloody-eyed Demon, but they awaken the demon anyway. Now, she is out for blood—their blood.

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