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KM is as weird as the characters she writes about. As a full-time employee, she destresses by writing and reading stories— as well was listening to KPOP, watching Kdrama, TV series and youtube videos, and cute dogs.


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Boyfriend Corp. 3

When Gab and Gato’s (short for Gatorade) love story began, they were sure that it was never going to last. Hinire lang naman si Gato from Boyfriend Corp. para maging temporary boyfriend niya after all. Pero no’ng matapos na ang contract, nag-decide silang i-try out ang relationship for real—and they ended up leaving the happily ever after they thought they would have forever with each other. Years after their breakup, Gato, who now prefers to be called by his real name, Lance, returns, ready to risk it all for Gab, who isn’t sure she’s willing to do the same again for him. Maraming pwedeng mangyari after happily ever after; Gab only needs to risk it all again to make it last.

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Tapos na ang kontrata ni Gab with Gato, but she just couldn't seem to let him go. Though she's trying hard to sort out her feelings for him, hindi niya magawa 'yon nang maayos dahil sa patuloy na pagpapa-cute sa kanya ni Russ, ang childhood friend niya at dating kaibigan ni Gato. Isama mo pa ang mga problemang dala ng relationship ni Gato from his crazy ex-girlfriend, his twin bother, at ng mag-inang sina Lovely at Andrei.
In the end, it's up to Gab to decide if she's willing to go through all these trouble and pain just to get her happy ever after with the blue-haired guy.

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“I like you.” Simula noong sabihin ni Gato ang mga salitang ’yon kay Gab on their first monthsary, gumanda ang relationship nila. Gab is less closedoff. She even gets angry with him less. At kahit may pagka-“bipolar” pa rin si Gato, mas madalas na makita ni Gab ang playful side niya kaysa sa seryoso at mayabang na version niya. But no matter how great things are going, ayaw pa rin ni Gab na payagan ang sarili niyang maniwala sa mga ginagawa at sinasabi ng kanyang blue-haired “boyfriend.” It’s better to be realistic now than to be heartbroken later. Dalawang buwan na lang naman, tapos na ang kontrata. Pero bakit parang ayaw na niyang dumating ang araw na ’yon?

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Welcome to Boyfriend Corporation! Choose from the list and he’ll be yours. Nag-sh-shopping si Gab at ang kanyang best friend na si Dom sa We Have It All—We Mean ALL—Mall nang makakita sila ng free demo—for boyfriends! Boy crazy Dom got super excited at nanguna pa sa pila. Gab, on the other hand, found herself in a moral crisis. “Hindi ba against human rights ito?” she wondered. Hindi naman siya nanghinayang dahil proud na proud siya that she was born without a romantic bone in her body. But one day, to Gab’s surprise, a blue-haired boy from Boyfriend Corporation arrived at her apartment— without her even ordering one! Anong dapat gawin ni Gab? Should she send him back to BFC? Or should she open herself up to the wonderful world of “boyfriends,” unconventional dates, and crazy exes?

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