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Mukhang magkasundo na si Mr. Aircon at Ms. TV na walang antena—or is it more of pinagkasundo sila? Thinking about her beloved Lolo's fragile condition, Laureen agrees to live in one house with Luigi and pretend to be in a relationship with him. Despite their differences and endless bickering, nakilala nila ang isa't-isa at lumalim ang kanilang pagtitinginan until they eventually fall in love. Luigi is certain that he has found his match, but is he confident that he can keep a commitment with one woman for the rest of his life? And is Laureen ready to take the risk in spite of being heartbroken by a playboy like Luigi in the past?

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Laureen is heartbroken. At gaya ng karaniwang ginagawa ng mga taong sawi sa pag-ibig, she tries to ease the pain of an ugly breakup by amusing herself in a bar, where she meets Luigi, a certified gwapo at playboy. He singles her out from the crowd and instantly likes her. But the attraction soon turns into a mutual dislike as tensions rise between them. Sinumpa ni Laureen sa sarili na hinding-hindi na siya magbubulagbulagan pagdating sa pag-ibig. But another chance encounter with Luigi will make her reconsider if it’s a smart decision to keep her heart out of sight, or follow it yet again.

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