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April is a daydreamer who enjoys cozy rainy afternoons and morning strolls and is fascinated by forest and abandoned places. She loves creating different fantasy worlds and stringing words into life.
You can check her other stories posted on Wattpad under the username april_avery. She also has another published book under Pop Fiction, which is Charm Academy School of Magic.
You can visit her website and get to know her at


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Nang namayapa na ang natitirang pamilya niya sa mundo, she's had to fend for herself in the cruel world of Hesperia, where only wealth can take you anywhere.

All she ever wanted was to find a lucrative use for her otherwise useless superpower, which was control over enhanced senses. In turn, Lucas, her best friend and the only family she has now, wants nothing more than to enroll in the prestigious and very expensive Titan Academy of Special Abilities. Hindi lang in-expect ni Shia that his dream would later drop her in the middle of the Linus Cup arena, where she must fight for her life and for a spot in a school that she had not wanted for herself in the first place.

But Shia has always been a survivor.

She will survive Titan Academy

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Welcome to Charm Academy, where ordinary is the oddity, where magic, called “charm,” is commonplace, and where the greatest battle between two magical societies is about to take place. And Ariela, an ordinary, charm-less girl na hindi naman talaga dapat nag-aaral sa Academy, finds herself at the threshold of that battle. Add to that complication Jett Forester, who seems to be hell-bent on making her brief stay at the school a difficult one. Ano nga ba ang chances ng isang ordinaryong tao tulad ni Ariela sa paparating na kalaban? Could there be more to Ariela than what meets the eye?

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