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Kim started writing when she was in high school. Most of the day, she daydreams and wonders how what-ifs will unfold in her stories. Music inspires her to create stories. She loves going to concerts and listening to her favorite bands.
Kim learned that words have the power to inspire and encourage people. So with her stories, she does her best to make her readers smile and help them realize that there’s hope for everyone no matter their situation in life.
Before becoming a writer, she was voracious reader. Being a bibliophile, she believes that time stops when she’s reading.
Kim also enjoys traveling with her friends. She is fascinated by stars, sunsets, fireworks, and the ocean.
Kim believes in this bible verse: “In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
Kim took up Marketing Management in Holy Angel University, and now works as a Marketing Officer at Jocson College.


Published stories of ilurvbooks
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Brielle was having one of the worst days ever. She had just lost her scholarship—with it her room at the school dormitory—and was about to face the wrath of her mother. It was probably fate that brought Infinite Chase, her favorite band in the world, to her town that day to perform live. Could it also be fate that Kyle Yves, the band’s lead singer and the boy she was in love with, picked her to sing a duet with him on stage and that she somehow got the chance to live with the band as their new band manager? She has been given every chance to turn the worst day ever around. All she had to do was take a chance on fate. Will she take it?

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At last, matutupad na ang mga pangarap ni Olivia. Natanggap siya sa NYU, so she's about to fly off and be on her own for a few years. Alam niya what she's giving upa comfortable life, the support of friends and family, and most of all, the constant presence of her boyfriend Kitpero ready siya to do so to pursue her dreams. And then Kit pops the big question bago siya umalis. This story shows what happens when Olivia says yes, when she says no, how her life changes in a major way with just one decision, and what she learns along the way.

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Love, in whatever shape or form, is always beautiful. Despite hurdles and heartaches, it inspires us to be brave and bold in realizing the desires of our heart. The stories in this collection explore the restlessness of keeping love a secret for too long, the anxiety of confessing one’s feelings, the exhilaration of having one’s affection returned, and the heartbreak of losing someone dear to one’s heart. Read through the stories by Pop Fiction’s beloved authors ilurvbooks, fallenbabybubu, peachxvision, j_harry08, and shirlengtearjerky as they share the sweet and bittersweet things of finding love between now and ever after.

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Drake Swift has never lost a bet with his best friend-until now. His punishment? Make a girl in school fall for him and then break up with her just as she's fallen for him. But who would be oblivious enough to fall for that? Her. Enter Sophia Taylor-quiet, brainy, and unassuming-the perfect pawn for their game. And for Drake, that's all it is-a game. But is it? Drake finds hat Sophia is quite more than he bargained for. Perhaps he has her figured out all wrong. The real question is, will Drake win the bet or will Sophia win him over instead?

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