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Kathreen De Vera aka kathipuneraaa earned her bachelor’s degree in Special Education from New Era University, Quezon City Campus. It took her quite some time to discover her passion for writing, but in high school she already loves to read.
Her heartbreaks and bad experiences are what inspired her to finally write novels. Pain is what fuels her imagination. She tends to be more motivated to write when she’s sad and broken-hearted. She wrote The Wicked Liar Trilogy on 2014 and its first book won The Wattys on 2015.
She is also a big fan of authors JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Marie Lu, Cassandra Clare, and Veronica Roth.
She is currently teaching in a private school while pursuing her master’s degree in Special Education that she hopes to finish before she marries. She lives in Quezon City with her family and seven dogs.


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Erica could have said no when her parents asked her to transfer schools for her senior year. But she said nothing. She could have ignored Derick Lusterio and his holier-than-thou attitude. But she noticed him instead. She could have walked away when he shared a side of him that no one else knew about. But still, she stayed. Nag-iiba ang takbo ng tadhana sa bawat desisyong ginagawa. Para walang masaktan, itinatago ni Erica ang tunay na nararamdaman. But the lies can only bring a person far enough. The truth will always prevail when it comes to two hearts yearning for love.

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