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Kenneth Daniel Olanday, or better known as KenDaniel on Wattpad, first started writing in 2013. He is the author of two Pop Ficiton book faves, The Conspiration of The Universe and When The Rain Stopped Falling and a co-author of Six Degrees of Serendipity.
He graduated from the University of the Philippines—Los Baños, where, like in Percy’s story, the February Fair is held yearly.
He believes that the language of love that he uses most often is the Act of Service.


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Marianne Agatha has been unsure of a lot of things in her life. ’Di siya sigurado kung ano talaga ang gusto niya, kung anong direksyon ng buhay niya, at kung sino ang mahal niya. The three stories within these pages, penned by KenDaniel, FakedReality, SiMarcoJoseAko, and Seaj0725, are about the three boys who once said with certainty that they loved her. Percy is the first boy who confessed his love. Andrei is the boy who left before he could pursue their love. And Sedrik is the boy who gave her everything to prove his love. Ngayong sigurado na siya sa kung anong gusto niya sa buhay, she jumps into the uncertainty of going after the man she loves, hoping he would say he still loves her.

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Elois is in a constant state of doubt. She doubts the people around her, her place in the world, and even herself. And on one of the worst days of her already unstable life, she gets the most shocking plot twist of all.

When the rain stops falling literally in midair, she meets her future husband, Nikolas, who traveled back to her time to prevent losing her in the future. One mistake after another, however, forces Elois to stay away from the man she can’t get herself to trust.

But Nikolas will continue to test fate time and time again, risking everything in the process, to get even just one more day with the woman he loves.

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Luke believes in a quote he found in one of his favorite author’s book—that if you want something so bad, the universe will conspire to help you get it. Luke must have wanted to find love so much that Eureka, the girl of his dreams and the heroine of his favorite book, comes to life and falls in love with him. There is just one catch: Once Eureka reaches the end of her book’s storyline in the real world, then her story with Luke will end, too. Will the universe conspire to help the starcrossed lovers find true happiness with each other? One thing is for sure, Luke will do everything he can to keep Eureka forever.

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Matthew Dela Cruz believes that love is simply the search for the one girl who will make him feel complete. This collection of stories is about his journey to find her—and what happens when he finally does. Pop Fiction’s beloved authors hanjhanjbeybe, areyaysii, notjustarandomgirl, HippityHoppityAzure, Kwento Ni Jhingness, and kendaniel tell his story through the tales of the five girls he loved and lost before destiny led him to the one. They say that everyone is connected to everyone. In the mysterious machinations of life and love, Matthew finds out that the girl he’s been looking for all his life has always been there. In fact, she was just six degrees of serendipity away from him.

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