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-MatildaBratt is a frustrated chef and author of The President's Son.
When she's not writing the romantic stories of her characters, she loves to eat, cook, and bake. Her hidden talent is being able to watch 10 seasons worth of her favorite TV shows in just five days.
She is passionate about sharing her stories and dreams of traveling the world.


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When she met a charming boy by the beach, Juliet thought of him almost constantly. But a blossoming love is out of reach. If she can’t love herself wholeheartedly.

Taming such a tempered catch is a feat. That those who are faint at heart can’t succeed. But when a boy made summer bittersweet Fiery Katarina had to concede.

Lost in her lover’s eyes and lullabies, Ophelia dreams to understand the pain. That summer her lover left her goodbyes And broken promises she can’t contain.

All the world’s a stage, and they defied norms When they took a chance on all of love's forms.

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Samantha was an average, shy, food-loving teenager. Aloof siya sa mga tao dahil madalas siyang tuksuhing Samantaba. When she found out na ipapakasal siya kay Adrian, ang hottie na anak ng best friend ng daddy niya, she decided to take control of her life. After her father died, umalis siya ng Pilipinas at hindi na muling nagpakita pa. Makalipas ang siyam na taon, ang dating mahiyaing si Samantha, isang successful chef na. Napilitan siyang bumalik ng Pilipinas para kumbinsihin ang mga magulang ni Adrian na huwag nang ituloy ang arrangement nila. Pero hindi madali ang gagawin niya because Adrian's dad is the most powerful person in the Philippines—the president. Sa kanyang pagbabalik, mas makikilala niya si Adrian. She will fi nd out that the President's son is not the person she thought he was.

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