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Missmaple is a daydreamer and a night-thinker. As her pastime, she reads books, watches anime, and writes stories. She loves to travel and witness the beauty that this world could offer.


Published stories of Missmaple
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The Ceyla Chronicles 2

You are Ceyla Ward, trapped in a twisted version of Helios, and the only way out is to finish the Helios Trials made by an ancient force hell-bent on fulfilling a long overdue and mysterious prophecy.

Test your cunning and your wits as you try to outsmart Demon Lords who distrust half-Faes, convince murderous Mermaids to help you get to the shrine in the depths of Helios Lake, choose who you will sacrifice in a Faery ritual between the two most important people in your life, and evade a new and powerful enemy determined to keep you trapped in this world forever. Only YOU can get Ceyla through the trials by choosing the paths that she will take. In this adventure, Ceyla's destiny is in your hands.

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When Denise Raven receives a mysterious email from someone claiming to be her from a parallel universe, her whole world changes forever. Dahil sa mensaheng ito, napilitan siyang pumasok sa isang kakaibang mundo. Ang kanyang normal at madalas dull na everyday routine ay napalitan ng adventure, danger, and action. Game Crest Incorporated opened the virtual gates that led to an MMORPG. Denise, Prius Wiley, and a couple of other players they met in Alkia Kingdom are forced to play the game and find a way out of it. They need to play until the last stage and defeat the final boss. Pero hindi magiging madali ang lahat dahil ang laro-laro lang, magiging totoo.

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Xyra Buenaferte enters the magical and dangerous world of Wonderland Magical Academy when she discovers that she has the power to control air. Bilang newcomer sa academy, she draws the attention of Clauss Park, the arrogant and yet handsome fire user who assumes na mahina si Xyra at madaling loko-lokohin. Little did she know that her mastery of her power ay importante sa misyong naghihintay para sa mga elemental power users na tulad niya. The conflict that has been brewing between Wonderland and the Dark Wizards Academy is about to break out, testing the loyalties of those Xyra holds dear. In a world where you can't trust your bestfriend and where your enemy could be your greatest ally, kakailanganin ni Xyra at ng iba pang magical students ng WMA na maghanda para sa pinakamalaking battle ng buhay nila. Will Xyra and the Wonderland Magical Academy triumph over the Dark Wizards or will evil prevail and prevent the happy ending that Xyra dreams to have with Clauss?

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