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Asherina Kenza was born in Manila, but she grew up in Laguna with her Lola and cousins.
She started writing stories back when she was in third grade. She loved collecting notebooks where she wrote all her ideas—she still does this up to this day.
She likes watching K-Dramas and listening to OPM, rock, and KPop.
She is based in Dubai, where she has been working for five years now. She graduated with a Degree in BS Hotel and Restaurant Management.
She loves the color green, chocolates, spicy and sour food, and lipsticks.
She frequently goes on long walks where she can find people and events that will inspire her to write more stories. Asherina Kenza is the author of the best-selling Pop Fiction books, More Than Just A Bet and Just Fall In Love Again. Somewhere Down The Road is Asherina’ third New Adult Fiction with the imprint.


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"Claire’s life has been unnervingly calm after ng aksidenteng nag-claim ng parte ng alaala niya. Sa isip-isip niya, she knows she forgot something very important, and it seems like everyone around her is going out of their way para i-prevent siya sa pag-alala ng nakaraan niya. That is, until she meets Ethan, who is acting like he knows her very well—too well, in fact. And his presence in her life is waking up feelings in her that she never knew she could feel. Tila ba naalala siya ng puso ni Claire kahit nakalimutan na ito ng isip niya. But Claire is sure of one thing. She may have forgotten where she came from, but she knows in her heart that Ethan will be there somewhere down the road."

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Parehong madilim ang nakaraang pag-ibig nina Drake at Kei Marie, at sa paghahanap nila ng paraan para maka-move on, they find each other. They know that they’re not worthy of being loved at this point in their lives. Kaya ginagawa nila ang lahat to comfort each other as they deal with their pain, including making this promise: That when they are finally ready, they would allow themselves to just fall in love again—even if they feel that they’re not worthy, even if they are no longer in each other’s lives. So after many years of separation, Drake realizes that he can only fulfill that promise when he finds his way back to love. Back to Kei Marie.

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Mula nang magkakilala sila, walang araw na dumaan na hindi nagbabangayan ang probinsyanang si Ara Lian Binalatan at ang crush ng bayan na si Marcus Liam Cando. Para mapagkasundo sila, their best friends made a bet that whoever falls in love with the other loses and pays up all the parties involved. It sounds simple. All they need to do is not fall in love. But both Lian and Liam learn that nothing is sure when you bet on love. Dahil sa pustahang ito, magbabago ang buhay nilang dalawa in ways they never

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