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Imma Delos Santos is working as a staff nurse in a hospital in the Ortigas area. Her passion for writing is born out of her love for books and her very imaginative and creative mind. When she was a student, she was an active participant in her school’s programs and plays.
She has a lot of friends, many of whom often turn to her for advice on love and relationships. The insights she has shared with her friends about love and life have inspired her to write stories. Must Date The Playboy is one of the many stories that she published on Wattpad. The idea for the story came to her with the help of her friend, Miko.
To learn more about her and even interact with her, you can follow her on Twitter(@notarandomgirl), like her Facebook Fan page (, and read more of her stories onWattpad (notjustarandomgirl).


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Must Date the Playboy 3

Tori was the conservative bookworm in high school. Zach was the notorious playboy that Tori had to date to protect her best friend—and then hate when, after falling in love, he left her alone and heartbroken in Mexico. Now that Zach has returned from his Monte Carlo escapade, the two find themselves reexamining their feelings for each other and doubting the decisions they’ve made to stay out of each other’s lives. Because deep down inside, Tori knows that she must love the playboy… …and that the playboy still definitely loves her.

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Must Date The Playboy 2

Victoria “Tori” Peige dated the playboy, Zachary "Zach" Anderson, and paid the price of the lies and deceit that plagued their love. After being left alone six months ago, she vows to move on and give James Gregory, the boy who has always been there for her a chance. Just as she was falling for James, Zach returns and messes up her already straightened out feelings. Will she choose to date Zach again? Or must she hate the playboy even if she knows in her heart that she still loves him too much to hate him?

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Matthew Dela Cruz believes that love is simply the search for the one girl who will make him feel complete. This collection of stories is about his journey to find her—and what happens when he finally does. Pop Fiction’s beloved authors hanjhanjbeybe, areyaysii, notjustarandomgirl, HippityHoppityAzure, Kwento Ni Jhingness, and kendaniel tell his story through the tales of the five girls he loved and lost before destiny led him to the one. They say that everyone is connected to everyone. In the mysterious machinations of life and love, Matthew finds out that the girl he’s been looking for all his life has always been there. In fact, she was just six degrees of serendipity away from him.

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Victoria “Tori” Peige is ensconced in a glittering world of wealth and glamour. But she sees herself as someone suited for a supporting role: a bookworm and a shadow to her sun-kissed best friend and their high school queen bee, Chloe. That’s why Zachary Anderson, the hot, notorious playboy, has his eyes fixed only on Chloe until Tori approaches him with a preposition: “I know I’m not the type of girl that you usually go out with. I’m not sexy, I’m not attractive and I’m no fun. I’m plain and boring with no charm at all. The only thing good about me is probably my brain, which everyone also finds boring. But I must ask you this… Mr. Zachary Anderson, can I be your girlfriend?” How long can you fake being in love before it turns into the real thing? Tori and Zach are about to find out.

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