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Teresa Mei Sanchez first experienced the joy of writing when she joined a Journalism class back in fifth grade, but it was only in her third year in high school when she fell in love with it. She started writing Special Section 1 and 2, which she later published in print with Pop Fiction, in her high school years.
She is also one of the authors of Pop Fiction Original’s Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Murders.
She grew up loving Disney movies, the Harry Potter series, movies about dinosaurs, and basically everything that fell under the fantasy genre. She later became a fan of Marvel movies, Korean dramas, and American TV series.
Now a college graduate, Teresa is a working girl who still dreams of writing novels while traveling around the world.


Published stories of OnneeChan
Author of:
Emerald 2

In Scarlet’s story, she is a regular girl destined to save a magical world, and living a fairy tale life—saving a princess from her deceptive captor, trespassing into a friendly bear’s home for food, and convincing a man-beast to give up his most precious possession—is just another once-upon-a-time in the kingdom.

Magsisimula na naman ang digmaan sa pagitan ng Dark and Light Kingdoms, at dahil sa propesiyang nagdudugtong sa kapalaran niya kay Clyde, ang prinsipe ng Middle Kingdom, mapipilitan si Scarlet na pumili ng kakampi. Pero may ibang sikreto rin ang bumabalot sa pagkatao niya.

At sa kwento ni Scarlet, the real enemy is the last person she expects.

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Emerald’s story, she is the princess whisked away on her 18th birthday to a new and magical world where living the fairy tale life—helping a mermaid princess, kissing a frog prince, and defeating a gorgon with snakes for hair—is just another once-upon-a-time in the kingdom. Kailangan nang kalimutan ng prinsesa ang dating buhay niya bilang regular na batang babae sa real world, lalo na’t magsisimula na ang kanyang sariling fairy tale bilang susunod na reyna ng kanyang kaharian. At sa kwento ni Emerald, the princess needs no prince to get her happily-ever-after, but Matt, her knight-in-shining-armor, might just be enough.

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The Ceyla Chronicles 1

Just a few hours’ drive from Orlando and you will find yourself in Helios, a land of magic and lore, where a plethora of extraordinary races flourish, and where mystery is always afoot. And who better to guide you in this enchanting otherworld than our resident detective and supernatural expert, Ceyla Ward. Witness as she battles the elements, stands in the line of fire between warring clans, and stops ancients from spreading their evil blood magic across the realm. She’s a green-eyed, bedaggered blonde who moonlights as a paranormal soldier-seer, but at the end of the day, we realize that the real enigma is the one of herself. Through the smoking barrels of her double derringer, watch as she fights her way to uncover the greatest mystery of them all – her own past.

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More than a year after the brutal deaths of their teacher and classmates, Rhianne Cortes and her friends, Maxwell, Alexander and Louisse, thought that they have finally moved on from their horrifying past. Pero, nagbago ang lahat nang biglang nawala si Rhianne at isa-isang namatay ang mga taong nakapaligid sa kanila. As the group struggles to find Rhianne, stop the killings, and escape death once more, they discover strange things about the person they thought they knew. Is an old killer back to take revenge? Or are they facing a new enemy—an enemy pretending to be a friend?

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When Rhianne Cortes transferred to the prestigious Hillton University, she was surprised to be a part of the Special Section, ang klase kung saan pinagsama-sama ang lahat ng pinakagwapo, pinakamaganda, pinakamatalino, at pinakamayamang estudyante ng paaralan nila. But she soon learns that behind her new classmates’ angelic faces is a demonic secret, one that can lead to her death. Habang isa-isang namamatay ang mga kaklase at kaibigan niya, Rhianne must find the truth behind the lies, deception and betrayals… before the killer finds her.

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