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Kia Tembrevilla Amazona is the author behind Finding Cinderella and The Way It Was Before, both she started writing in her college days.
Aside from writing stories, she likes to draw, take long walks, play online games, and jot down her thoughts on the notepad in her phone.
She lives in Negros Occidental, Philippines.


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When she met a charming boy by the beach, Juliet thought of him almost constantly. But a blossoming love is out of reach. If she can’t love herself wholeheartedly.

Taming such a tempered catch is a feat. That those who are faint at heart can’t succeed. But when a boy made summer bittersweet Fiery Katarina had to concede.

Lost in her lover’s eyes and lullabies, Ophelia dreams to understand the pain. That summer her lover left her goodbyes And broken promises she can’t contain.

All the world’s a stage, and they defied norms When they took a chance on all of love's forms.

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When the leaves turn orange and when summer gives way to fall, I remember my first love and the way it was before reality—before life—happened to us. I suppose we were happy not having a clue what true love feels like and not knowing how the first will affect the way we see it in the future. It was enough for us to be young and to just be with each other. No labels. No certainty. After all, not everyone can actually be sure with their first love, right? My name is Autumn, and this is the story of my first brush with love and the way it was before we knew any better.

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“You’re too late.” Kylie’s last words before slamming the door on Tristan’s face still haunt him. But despite her outright rejection and her growing closeness with Erik, Tristan can’t keep himself from falling harder for Kylie. If only she’ll stop pretending he doesn’t exist… The clock may still be ticking, but Tristan is willing to do anything to win Kylie back— and keep her forever.

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Kylie Harris can’t stand Tristan Hartford, so-called “Prince” of Broadway Heights. Handsome, popular, and arrogant, he loves nothing more than flirting with the ladies—and making Kylie’s life a living hell. He plays pranks on her, insults her in front of the whole school... the works! Tristan knows that everyone in school adores him—except for Kylie, the school’s resident “oneof- the-guys” gal and the only one immune to his God-given charm. She also seems to hate it whenever he breaks up with his girlfriends. Everything changes when Tristan meets “Cinderella,” the mysterious girl at the Valentine’s Ball. She hastily left before her dance with him was over—before he could even get her name. And now he’s obsessed. He must find her. But as he begins his search for Cinderella, he also slowly discovers what Kylie truly means to him. Will Tristan continue the hunt for the mysterious girl? Or will he choose to unmask his feelings for Kylie instead?

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