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Ciara Jamie Garcia is a BS Psychology graduate from Far Eastern University - Manila.
As an introvert, she prefers to stay in her little world filled with good books and great music. She’s easily touched by the simplest things in life. For her, writing is never a hobby; it is a necessity. It has become her kind of therapy, stress- reliever, and safe haven. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, lurking on social media websites, or eating lasagna or pizza or both. You can read her other Filipino stories on Wattpad and her first English story on Radish.


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Practicing My First Real Kiss 2

After seven years in the States, Mark comes back to the country, excited to be reunited with Mars. Pero napalitan ang pananabik niya ng pighati at kalungkutan dahil sa nabalitaan niyang pagkamatay nito isang taon na ang nakalipas. He remains unconvinced about Mars' death especially when he meets a girl at a bar who looks exactly like her. Muli niyang makikita ang babae at makikilala ito bilang si Anna Ordoñez, a nineteen-year old girl who is also one of the students in his class. Will Mark insist on loving the memories of Mars at the cost of hurting someone? Or, will he choose to move on and find a new love?

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At last, matutupad na ang mga pangarap ni Olivia. Natanggap siya sa NYU, so she's about to fly off and be on her own for a few years. Alam niya what she's giving upa comfortable life, the support of friends and family, and most of all, the constant presence of her boyfriend Kitpero ready siya to do so to pursue her dreams. And then Kit pops the big question bago siya umalis. This story shows what happens when Olivia says yes, when she says no, how her life changes in a major way with just one decision, and what she learns along the way.

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Mars Ochoco is your typical, hormonal high school student-socially awkward, insecure at times, and ma-drama to death. She isn't your popular girl either. The only thing that's going for her? She's charming. Ang problema nga lang, she doesn't know how to work her charm on the boys. Things take a sudden turn when she gets rejected by Zeke. Ang hindi niya alam, ang heartbreak na ito mismo ang magdadala sa kanya kay Mak Villareal, one of the most popular boys in school. He offers Mars an unconventional deal that she can't seem to refuse: tuturuan niya si Mars how to kiss to help her win her crush back! Mard eventually accepts Mark's proposal. After all, Mars has nothing to lose but everything to gain. At isa pa, wala naman halong feelings at attachment ang deal na ito 'di ba? Or wala nga ba talaga?

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