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Leng de Chavez never imagined herself as a writer as she grew up being warned by older people that being a writer is not lucrative. But because of a hand-sewn notebook given to her by her Tatay Joe during the summer of 2003, she tried her hand in writing fan fiction stories of Nancy Drew and Totally Spies. Since then she couldn’t stop from writing stories.
Leng finished a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology from the University of the Philippines - Los Baños. Some of her published books are: If I Fall, which was initially self-published before being released under Pop Fiction: The Despicable Guy Book 1, which won the Filipino Readers Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction in 2014; The Despicable Guy Book 2, and Hey, Stranger. She also co-wrote Between Now and Ever After. She was among the fellows in the first batch of Eros Atalia Fiction Writing Workshop in 2013. Her short story for the workshop is included in the anthology Unang Putok (+ at Batch).
Leng loves watching TV series and movies, listening to indie folk music, collecting washi tapes, and following the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Published stories of shirlengtearjerky
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The Odd, Awkward, and Awesome
Welcome to Celeste’s Best! Take a pick from its classic frozen treats! This quaint ice cream shop is also a special place for three curious characters: Chacha, Fiel, and Lily—three college girls who struggle to fit in their own world. Si Chacha, ang mapagmahal na anak ng may-ari ng Celeste’s Best at matalinong estudyanteng lihim na gustong maging beauty queen. But her insecurities, especially about her weight, often get the best of her. Si Fiel, vocalist ng isang indie rock band at isang parttime crew sa shop. Pilit niyang itinataguyod ang sarili at tinatakbuhan ang kanyang masalimuot at magulong buhay pag-ibig. And Lily, the shy regular customer of the shop. Tanging sa pagguhit niya lang nailalabas ang matinding kalungkutang tinatago niya. Despite their differences, Chacha, Fiel, and Lily form an unlikely bond that will help them get through the joys and pains of growing up, and embrace their own beauty, strength, and talent.
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Story One: Puzzle Wednesday Aksidenteng nadiskubre ni Simon ang unpublished graphic novel ni Lou na wala nang ganang magsulat at mag-drawing. Can Simon help her get over her writer's block? Or will his efforts prove to be in vain?

Story Two: Wanted: Great Listener Dahil sa prank sa kanya ng roommate niya, Glenn starts receiving text rants from Nikki, who thinks she's texting an unused number. But what if Glenn unexpectedly meets Nikki in person? Will he come clean, or forever hold his peace?

Story Three: Find Your Bae After an unsuccessful date, a drunk Jess send a complaint to a tech support agent, who happens to be the site's creator. Will he give Jess' online dating life a much-needed boost? Or is it already doomed.

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Barbara Ramirez lives a double life. Sa umaga, siya ang siga ng Charleston Academy. Sa gabi, siya naman si notanotherfairytale, ang writer ng sikat na online love story na You’re The One That I Want. She successfully hides this alter ego from everybody until Cyrus Casabueno, a.k.a Denn Estrella in her online story, discovers her secret, and offers help to improve her writing in exchange for his silence. As her online love story progresses, Barbs finds herself falling in love for the first time na hindi niya kailanman inaasahang mangyari at sa huling taon pa niya sa high school. Is falling in love in real life worth it? O mas mabuti pang lunurin na lang niya ang sarili sa fictional love story?

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Love, in whatever shape or form, is always beautiful. Despite hurdles and heartaches, it inspires us to be brave and bold in realizing the desires of our heart. The stories in this collection explore the restlessness of keeping love a secret for too long, the anxiety of confessing one’s feelings, the exhilaration of having one’s affection returned, and the heartbreak of losing someone dear to one’s heart. Read through the stories by Pop Fiction’s beloved authors ilurvbooks, fallenbabybubu, peachxvision, j_harry08, and shirlengtearjerky as they share the sweet and bittersweet things of finding love between now and ever after.

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It's been few years since Jersey made the trip to Germany to finally say yes to Kevin's marriage proposal. But the trip ends in a disaster, which Jersey wants to put out of her mind. Yet at the same time, she can't stop feeling hurt and bitter about things. And just when she resolves to finally move on from what happened, Kim walks back into her life and tells her he wants her back. What's more, she can't even avoid Kevin since he's always hanging out with her friends and ends up being her coworker at a photography studio, too. With all the confusion and heartbreaks they've gone through, can there be such a thing as a happy ending for The Despicable Guy and the Devil Woman?

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What happens when the Devil Woman meets the Despicable Guy? Hurting from a breakup, Jersey becomes determined to start and go through college without falling in love. Then she meets Kevin, who seems to want nothing more out of life than to pester her relentlessly. He won't stop annoying her, but she can't stop thinking about him. Though they’re locked in a hate-hate relationship, they can’t stand to be apart. Will all hell break loose when these two come together or will they end up with happy ever after?

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