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Shiela May Familaran is the author of Montello High: School of Gangsters—a finalist for the 2015 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards under the Young Adult category—and Snow White Is A Gangster. She has also written for the anthology, The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Murders.
She is known as Sielalstreim in Wattpad and is currently working on her other ongoing stories: Saudade and Dark Fairytale. She enjoys traveling and is undeniably in love with the sunset. She considers herself a life-long reader and writer.


Published stories of sielalstreim
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The Ceyla Chronicles 2

You are Ceyla Ward, trapped in a twisted version of Helios, and the only way out is to finish the Helios Trials made by an ancient force hell-bent on fulfilling a long overdue and mysterious prophecy.

Test your cunning and your wits as you try to outsmart Demon Lords who distrust half-Faes, convince murderous Mermaids to help you get to the shrine in the depths of Helios Lake, choose who you will sacrifice in a Faery ritual between the two most important people in your life, and evade a new and powerful enemy determined to keep you trapped in this world forever. Only YOU can get Ceyla through the trials by choosing the paths that she will take. In this adventure, Ceyla's destiny is in your hands.

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Montello High 2

After witnessing how Summer Leondale fought the Freniere clan for Van, Henrietta Arturia decides to avenge herself for the forlorn fate of her love. Lubhang mapanganib at masalimuot ang mga hakbang sa misyon niyang ito dahil hindi lamang niya kinakailangang talikuran ang pagiging isang Freniere Mafia Reaper, kundi dahil nakataya rin ang sarili niyang buhay at ng mga taong malapit sa kanya. At what cost is she willing to risk for her mission to succeed? And will she ever be free from the life of being a Mafia reaper?

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The Ceyla Chronicles 1

Just a few hours’ drive from Orlando and you will find yourself in Helios, a land of magic and lore, where a plethora of extraordinary races flourish, and where mystery is always afoot. And who better to guide you in this enchanting otherworld than our resident detective and supernatural expert, Ceyla Ward. Witness as she battles the elements, stands in the line of fire between warring clans, and stops ancients from spreading their evil blood magic across the realm. She’s a green-eyed, bedaggered blonde who moonlights as a paranormal soldier-seer, but at the end of the day, we realize that the real enigma is the one of herself. Through the smoking barrels of her double derringer, watch as she fights her way to uncover the greatest mystery of them all – her own past.

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High School is a time to be carefree and happy. Ngunit matutuklasan ni Summer Leondale na hindi ito ang kaso sa Montello High, a school where nothing seems to be normal at kung saan lahat ay puno ng tensiyon at aksiyon. try as she may to stay away from trouble, Summer always finds herself caught in the middle of two rival gangs: Black Government and Dark Monarch. Bukod sa mga misteryong unti-unti niyang nadidiskubre sa Montello High at mga death threats na natatanggap niya, Summer has to deal with her ridiculously good-looking schoolmates; Tyler, Jin, and Van, who keep on giving her mixed signals. Makakaya ba niyang matapos ang isang school year sa Montello High nang buhay? Kailangan maging maingat ni SUmmer because the enemy is much closer than she thinks.

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