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In 2011, stupidlyinlove posted her first story “Unlucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend” in Wattpad followed by the second book in the series “Bitter Casanova” in 2012. Most of her works were inspired by her own experiences with a dash of her playful imagination.
A music loving, sports-minded lady, she’s currently working as a Certified Public Accountant. She never dreamt of becoming a writer because she usually has a hard time putting her imagination into words. Nonetheless, she still expresses herself through writing.
Growing up as one of the boys, she was influenced on playing different sports especially basketball. Eventually, she found herself falling in love with the sport. Other than that, her hobbies include reading books, watching series and movies, jamming and traveling with her best friends and cousins.


Published stories of stupidlyinlove
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Unlucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend 2

Zylex became the campus casanova when Patrice, the one girl who he ever truly loved, broke his heart. When his parents learn of his gallivanting ways, they set him up with his childhood friend, Kysha—who reminds him too much of his ex.

Alam niyang malalim pa rin ang sugat na nakaukit sa puso niya, and he just can’t return the love that Kysha is willing to give. But deep down, there is a side of him that believes that love exists.

Kysha has been this bitter casanova’s friend for as long as he can remember—long enough to know na totoo ang pagmamahal na kayang ibigay nito.

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Zandra and Zandrick have literally known each other their whole lives. The two Zandys have been together the moment they were born, and since then they have been inseparable. But now that they’re in high school, some things are getting in the way of their seemingly unbreakable bond. The thing is, Zandra is in love with Zandrick, but Zandrick has fallen for another girl, Krissy. As Zandra tries to accept the reality of growing up and growing apart from her best friend, she befriends Kurt, who has made it his mission to make her fall for him instead. This is a story not just about realizing the joys and pains of growing up, but also of learning which risks are worth taking to be with the person you love.

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