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Sweetblunch started writing back in high school, but she never posted her stories online until she joined Wattpad years ago. So much has happened to her since she finished and published her first novel online. Today, she’s balancing her time with her family and her first love, which is writing stories online.


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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 5

Coco Spencer, the heiress of a wealthy, traditional English family, is a modern woman—and proud of it!
She can’t cook, but she can pay someone to cook for her. She comes from a rich family, but she makes her own money and takes charge of her own life. She can get any man she sets her eyes upon, but she’s never really needed men to get everything that she could ever want.
That is, until her deceased grandfather dangled the entire Spencer fortune in front of her in his will. Suddenly, she needs to find a man to marry or lose everything, including her childhood home.-
But she doesn’t want just any man. She wants Rafe Moretti, the notoriously traditional Sicilian man.
And what Coco wants, Coco gets.

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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 4

Leila Fiorenza, heiress of a massive Sicilian estate, has been on the run all her life from all the men who have tried to control her. There’s her tyrant of a father who betrothed her to a man she does not love. There’s her fiancé, who fell in love with and married her twin sister instead. And then there’s the Spanish count, Leandro Salazar, with whom she has spent many a passionate night with. But she’s had enough. She’s marrying her childhood friend—who happens to be the same man her twin sister has been in love with since she was young. But Leandro will do anything to take back the mysterious Italian heiress—including borrowing the bride on the day of her wedding.

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Tales from the Ceyla Chronicles

Magical wishes may be the stuff of romantic fairy tales, but Ceyla Ward knows better than to use the wishes given to her by a Fae monarch. Magic will always come with a hefty price tag.

So she’s giving three of them away.

A campus princess in a death-like coma, a doctor beholden to a beastly Italian heir, and a marine archeologist in search of Atlantis—these are the stories of three regular women whose greatest wishes have been granted and the price they have to pay for the magic they have unknowingly wielded.

Reader, be warned: These aren’t your usual Faery tales. But you’ll find love stories in here nonetheless.

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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 3

“I need you to go to New York and pretend to be your twin sister.” That was the command Laila Fiorenza’s father gave her when her sister ran away from home just days before she had to meet her betrothed, the handsome, party-going, Greek shipping magnate, Nikos Pallis. But after being jilted in a previous betrothal, Laila had only one wish, which is to never be the second choice in love again. So, eager to go back to her sheltered life in Sicily and unwilling to do what her father commands, Laila comes clean to Nikos about the farce, hoping he would call off the wedding. However, Nikos had other plans, and he might just be willing to grant her wish.

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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 2

“I need you to find me a bride.” Marco Orsini demanded this from the etiquette teacher, Francesca Marcolini. His grandfather’s mandate was simple: Present a bride on the day of his 86th birthday—and thereby secure the continuity of his clan and the massive Orsini empire—or he will be disinherited. But Marco doesn’t want just any woman. He wants the perfect woman, and he knew that only Francesca can help him find the perfect bride. She had all the connections to the best women in Italian society after all—She may have even taught them in the ways of the social graces, which intrigues Marco. The two will go to great lengths to find the perfect woman, but how far must they search to find the perfect Orsini bride?

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"I will come back for my revenge." That was Tatiana Rostova's promise to herself as she fought for her life one cold night out at sea, after the two people she loved the most betrayed her and watched as the ruthless ocean tried to swallow her whole. She would even sell herself to the devil-even if the ddevil came in the form of a six-foot-two, silver-eyed Italian duke named Lucca Cavelli. She would take everything that was rightfully hers-and this will be the start of the wallflower's revenge.

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