Chatfic 2: Hey, Stranger
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Published Taglish ChatFic

Story One: Puzzle Wednesday Aksidenteng nadiskubre ni Simon ang unpublished graphic novel ni Lou na wala nang ganang magsulat at mag-drawing. Can Simon help her get over her writer's block? Or will his efforts prove to be in vain?

Story Two: Wanted: Great Listener Dahil sa prank sa kanya ng roommate niya, Glenn starts receiving text rants from Nikki, who thinks she's texting an unused number. But what if Glenn unexpectedly meets Nikki in person? Will he come clean, or forever hold his peace?

Story Three: Find Your Bae After an unsuccessful date, a drunk Jess send a complaint to a tech support agent, who happens to be the site's creator. Will he give Jess' online dating life a much-needed boost? Or is it already doomed.

eBook • P199
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