Chatfic 4: Better Than Fiction
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Published Taglish ChatFic

Story One: Missent Janina mistakenly sends a text message intended for her group mate to a guy named Duke. Can something good come from sending a wrong text message to a stranger? Or, will it only get her into trouble?

Story Two: The Pretend Game Pinakilala ni Lirene si Tristan Angelo Vergara as her boyfriend online, thinking he doesn't exist. But he does. Ipagpapatuloy pa ba ni Lirene ang pagpapanggap? O hahayaan na lang niyang malaman ng lahat ang tunay niyang estado?

Story Three: Almost Like A Fairy Tale Laking-gulat ni Karina nang makatanggap siya ng friend request from a guy whom her friend jokingly teased as Karina's hot "boyfriend." Will she ignore it? Or, will she dare get to know if he's for real?

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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