Alkia Kingdom Reborn
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Published Taglish Cloak

When Denise Raven receives a mysterious email from someone claiming to be her from a parallel universe, her whole world changes forever. Dahil sa mensaheng ito, napilitan siyang pumasok sa isang kakaibang mundo. Ang kanyang normal at madalas dull na everyday routine ay napalitan ng adventure, danger, and action. Game Crest Incorporated opened the virtual gates that led to an MMORPG. Denise, Prius Wiley, and a couple of other players they met in Alkia Kingdom are forced to play the game and find a way out of it. They need to play until the last stage and defeat the final boss. Pero hindi magiging madali ang lahat dahil ang laro-laro lang, magiging totoo.

Print • P199
eBook • P199
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