Tantei High
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Published Taglish Cloak

I’m warning you. Don’t read this book if you think you’re one of us. Habang maaga pa, habang hindi ka pa nila nakikita o nakikilala, isara mo na ang librong ito. You might awaken your senses—your abilities—while reading, and they might come for you. If, by any chance, you receive a letter from Tantei High, then it’s too late for you. They have already found you. Your life will change just like mine did, and you’ll find yourself in a crazy place where your safety will always be at stake. Binalaan na kita. Kung gusto mo pa ring basahin ang librong ’to, wala na akong magagawa. My real name is Rainie, but in school, I am Akemi. Let my story guide you through the dangerous world of the Erityian Tribes.

eBook • P199
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