Black Equation: The Deceived Ones
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Black Equation 2
Published English Cloak

Faye Summers, once an insanely famous pop star, traded her old life for a shot at a normal life with Jared, her best friend and the man she loves. Instead, Jared’s secret life as 01 of the Equations, an elite group of assassins within the Creed organization, forces her to give up everything to keep him alive. In exchange for Creed to keep Jared on life support after he sacrifices himself to save her, Faye must become the thing she hates the most: 00 of the Equations—a cold-blooded killer. But on one of the many assassinations that she orchestrates, she meets Jared again, alive, healthy, and with no memory of who she is. There are other dark forces pulling the strings in Faye’s life, and she must fully embrace the role of the killer before she becomes the victim herself.

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eBook • P199
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