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Published Taglish Cloak

May bagong kinababaliwan na dating app sa Lancaster High, and it’s an app that an NBSB like Iris should try out. At least ’yan ang sabi ng best friend niya about the dating app Dorrem. Hindi lang in-expect ni Iris that she’d be risking more than a broken heart when she installed it on her phone. The chats started innocently enough—if chatting
with creepy dudes she would never talk to at school could be counted as innocent. One chat with a stranger, however, unnerved Iris. It began with the words, “Help me!”
The longer she used the app, the more it felt like she was playing a dangerous game. And then one day, the rules of the app mysteriously changed. The stakes are high for Iris. Too bad it’s too late to deactivate.

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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