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Published English Cloak

Lira thinks a girl like her can’t change the world.
In the far future, Lira faces a new world order very different from what we have today. A plague has decimated the human population, and their only hope of surviving is to strike a deal with the vampires. Humans must donate to the blood banks in exchange for the cure found only in the vampires’ blood. To fast-track the return to civilization, a caste system was imposed, putting Lira in one of the lowest and poorest rungs of society.
Her only hope of rising above her station is to get into the exclusive Imperial Academy. The good news: Lira’s acceptance letter arrived in the mail today. The bad news: Human students must study alongside vampires hungry for blood drawn directly from the vein. And for some strange reason, they all want Lira’s blood—including Nicholas, the mysterious vampire prince.
By going to the academy, Lira is already changing the world. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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