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Published Taglish Cloak

Alison has been on the run all her life.

She is an alius, a human genetically blessed with extraordinary abilities. In her world, her kind are hunted down and sent to the floating island of Delta. Pagdating doon, ire-recruit sila ng isa sa anim na magkakalabang kingdoms at pipiliting labanan at patayin ang isa’t isa sa isang annual clash.

Alison has never been afraid to die, pero alam niyang hindi pa siya pwedeng mamatay hangga’t hindi niya nasisiguro ang kaligtasan ng mga batang alius na naiwan sa pangangalaga niya.

As an alius, Alison’s ability allows her to manipulate the hearts and minds of her friends and enemies, but there are some things that even she can’t control—like her own heart.

eBook • P165
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