Why Him?
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Published Taglish Cloak

Ella Manheymen may seem like an ordinary girl who’s been happily and quietly living with her grandparents and cousins, but the thing is, she’s not. Her golden eyes betray just how extraordinary she is, hailing from a werewolf pack whose seconds-in-command happen to be her parents. Her average life in North Carolina suddenly changes when her parents decide to take her with them to California and introduce her to their werewolf pack. At first, all Ella was concerned about was maintaining high grades at school, but she eventually realizes that there are more important things she should be worried about—like leading the pack and fighting off Rogues and vampires. Having been thrown into a situation she barely knows how to handle, Ella finds solace and security in the arms of Chase, her werewolf mate. But their relationship, no matter how much happiness it brings them, will also put their lives in grave, constant danger.

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