The Orsini Bride
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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 2
Published English New Adult

“I need you to find me a bride.” Marco Orsini demanded this from the etiquette teacher, Francesca Marcolini. His grandfather’s mandate was simple: Present a bride on the day of his 86th birthday—and thereby secure the continuity of his clan and the massive Orsini empire—or he will be disinherited. But Marco doesn’t want just any woman. He wants the perfect woman, and he knew that only Francesca can help him find the perfect bride. She had all the connections to the best women in Italian society after all—She may have even taught them in the ways of the social graces, which intrigues Marco. The two will go to great lengths to find the perfect woman, but how far must they search to find the perfect Orsini bride?

eBook • P199
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