What If It's Love?
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Published Taglish New Adult

Axcel Vinn Montemayor and Heena Adelaida agreed on three things: magkunwari sa mga magulang nila na okay sila sa arranged marriage nila, leave each other’s love lives alone, and most importantly, avoid falling in love with each other. Heena thought it would be easy not to fall in love with the brash, spoiled, and childish Axcel, dahil bata pa lang sila, panay na ang awayan, bangayan, at asaran nilang dalawa. But when a girl from Axcel’s past returned to take him back, tila nag-iba ang tingin ni Heena sa kababata niya. Even so, she believed that there was absolutely no way for her to blow their agreement. Until she did. Until that first kiss.

eBook • P199
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