Vices X Virtues
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Published Taglish New Adult

Phoebe is weighing the pros and cons of agreeing to be Alessandro’s wife—in every sense of the word—for five months with financial support. Naging malupit ang buhay kay Phoebe at kailangan niyang sustentuhan ang kanyang naparalisang nanay after her father and his legal wife kicked them out of their house. Habang si Alessandro, the heir of a vast business empire, ay naghahanap ng rasong masasabi sa kanyang tatay kung bakit ’di pa siya nag-aasawa. So the tradeoff seems easy and beneficial for both parties, especially when love isn’t part of the deal. But Phoebe is about to find out the true extent of their agreement. Is she willing to live a life of vice and abandon all virtue for Alessandro?

eBook • P165
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