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Published Taglish New Adult

Para kay Regina Ecaterina Domingo, or Red for short, it's her way or the highway—be it in the businesses that she manages, in the boyfriends she dates, or in the man she marries. Kaya naman no'ng utusan siya ng kanyang tatay na pakasalan ang lalakeng mag-aalaga raw sa anak niya 'pag namatay na siya, tumanggi si Red at naghanap ng ibang mapapangasawa. She knows she can take care of herself, but she couldn't refuse her beloved father’s wishes either. Enter Troy Aragonza, who is every bit the man her father would like, but is apathetic enough to leave her to her own devices. He's not exactly the kind of man she had in mind, but he'll have to do. Remember her name, because Red will make sure that no one ever forgets her.

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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