A Night With You
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A Hundred Day With You 3
Published Taglish New Adult

Gerald Braxton and Chandria Borja have a hundred reasons not to be friends—let alone be more than friends. Umpisa pa lang, ayaw na talaga ni Gerald sa babaeng tinatawag niyang “spoiled brat.” Add to that how Chandria ruined all the chances Gerald had to be with the girl he actually likes. But despite it all, Chandria does all she can to make it up to him Lingid sa kaalaman ng dalawa, may lihim na tinatago ang mga magulang nila tungkol sa kanilang pagkatao na ikasisira ng unti-unting pagkakamabutihan nila. They have a hundred reasons not to promise each other forever, and yet all it would take to change their minds is just one night.

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eBook • P199
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