After Happily EVer After
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Boyfriend Corp. 3
Published Taglish New Adult

When Gab and Gato’s (short for Gatorade) love story began, they were sure that it was never going to last. Hinire lang naman si Gato from Boyfriend Corp. para maging temporary boyfriend niya after all. Pero no’ng matapos na ang contract, nag-decide silang i-try out ang relationship for real—and they ended up leaving the happily ever after they thought they would have forever with each other. Years after their breakup, Gato, who now prefers to be called by his real name, Lance, returns, ready to risk it all for Gab, who isn’t sure she’s willing to do the same again for him. Maraming pwedeng mangyari after happily ever after; Gab only needs to risk it all again to make it last.

Print • P199
eBook • P165
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