The Borrowed Bride
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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 4
Published English New Adult

Leila Fiorenza, heiress of a massive Sicilian estate, has been on the run all her life from all the men who have tried to control her. There’s her tyrant of a father who betrothed her to a man she does not love. There’s her fiancé, who fell in love with and married her twin sister instead. And then there’s the Spanish count, Leandro Salazar, with whom she has spent many a passionate night with. But she’s had enough. She’s marrying her childhood friend—who happens to be the same man her twin sister has been in love with since she was young. But Leandro will do anything to take back the mysterious Italian heiress—including borrowing the bride on the day of her wedding.

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eBook • P199
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