Storm's Obsession
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Published Taglish New Adult

Tunay ngang malupit ang kamay ng tadhana. No one understands this more than Storm Hudson, who has fallen deeply in love, despite having a certain reputation. Alam na alam din ito ng babaeng iniibig niya—si Korin Feit, sapagkat kasintahan ito ng matalik niyang kaibigan. She already made it clear. May mahal siyang iba kaya hindi niya mababalik ang pag-ibig na pilit inaasam ni Storm. Yet when he unearths a secret that can ultimately break the two apart, he can't help but meddle in their a airs. But one's obsession can only go too far bago may masaktan. Now Storm has to deal with the consequences of his actions, or lose the woman that he loves to the cruel hands of fate forever.

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eBook • P199
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