A Sicilian Marriage
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The Cosmopolitan Brides Series 5
Published English New Adult

Coco Spencer, the heiress of a wealthy, traditional English family, is a modern woman—and proud of it!
She can’t cook, but she can pay someone to cook for her. She comes from a rich family, but she makes her own money and takes charge of her own life. She can get any man she sets her eyes upon, but she’s never really needed men to get everything that she could ever want.
That is, until her deceased grandfather dangled the entire Spencer fortune in front of her in his will. Suddenly, she needs to find a man to marry or lose everything, including her childhood home.-
But she doesn’t want just any man. She wants Rafe Moretti, the notoriously traditional Sicilian man.
And what Coco wants, Coco gets.

eBook • P165
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