A Tale of the Three Misfits
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The Odd, Awkward, and Awesome
Published Taglish Originals

Welcome to Celeste’s Best! Take a pick from its classic frozen treats! This quaint ice cream shop is also a special place for three curious characters: Chacha, Fiel, and Lily—three college girls who struggle to fit in their own world. Si Chacha, ang mapagmahal na anak ng may-ari ng Celeste’s Best at matalinong estudyanteng lihim na gustong maging beauty queen. But her insecurities, especially about her weight, often get the best of her. Si Fiel, vocalist ng isang indie rock band at isang parttime crew sa shop. Pilit niyang itinataguyod ang sarili at tinatakbuhan ang kanyang masalimuot at magulong buhay pag-ibig. And Lily, the shy regular customer of the shop. Tanging sa pagguhit niya lang nailalabas ang matinding kalungkutang tinatago niya. Despite their differences, Chacha, Fiel, and Lily form an unlikely bond that will help them get through the joys and pains of growing up, and embrace their own beauty, strength, and talent.
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